Sex without a hard-on?

Yes, sounds impossible, doesn't it? Butt apparently a one William James Chidley (1860-1916) managed to do just that, though only once.

Chidley was an Australian eccentric who advocated a return to what he called "natural coitus," or erectionless sex. He believed that having sex with an erection was the wrong approach and that it was harmful to women. He preached against this openly as part of his solution to all societal ills. He believed the answer was living a "natural life," doing nothing that was unnatural, including banging with a big boner. He wore a Spartan-style tunic and held himself to a generally puritanical lifestyle. However, having addressed sex not infrequently, Chidley attracted the attention of the authorities who had him sent away to asylums and jail.

The public however found him endearing and rallied to his support.

Ass Full of Cum

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