Randy wife remembered with penis gravestone (Associated Press)

Fresh attempts are being made to remove a gravestone featuring two penises from a cemetery in Romania.

When Constantin Vasilescu's wife died in 1969, he ordered a gravestone showing a woman sitting on a penis because he said she cheated on him.

In 1985 a top communist official noticed the gravestone near to where he wanted to bury his own wife and ordered the grave destroyed.

After the revolution which toppled Nicolae Ceausescu in 1989, Mr Vasilescu ordered a new version of the gravestone but was persuaded to tone it down to feature only two stylised penises.

He told the stone mason: "That's all she thought about all her life so that's what she's going to be remembered for in the afterlife as well."

Mr Vasilescu died in 1993 and now residents in Brasov are complaining about the "bad taste" of the monument and have asked the cemetery authorities to have it removed.

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