Pet Lizards Feast on Owner's Corpse

Several flesh-eating pet lizards have been found feasting on the corpse of their owner in his apartment. Police were called to Ronald Huff's apartment in Delaware, after a relative became worried because he failed to arrive at work.

Officers found Mr Huff's body on the floor, with his pet lizards feeding on his flesh. The state medical examiner is investigating the cause of death.

Seven lizards, the largest measuring 6 feet long and weighing 25 pounds, were recovered. A spokesman said the lizards have small but very sharp teeth and muscular, whip-like tails that can seriously injure a person. In the wild, they eat eggs, birds and other animals, he said.

Animal experts will try to place the lizards with zoos or educational groups but barring that they will be put down. Huff was granted an exotic pet permit several years ago.

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