Pet Rat Bites Baby 100 Times

While Mom's Listening to Music

Some people shouldn't have children. Some shouldn't even have pets. But sometimes, when these very same people have both, horrible things happen...

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) - A 6-month-old boy was in critical condition after being bitten nearly 100 times by his family's 5-pound pet rat.

The 21-year-old mother of Lamonte Coruthers told police that the baby had been asleep in a bedroom for 10 to 15 minutes Wednesday when she went to check on him and found him covered with blood. She said she had had the stereo on and did not hear any cries from him.

The child lost a large amount of blood and may need reconstructive surgery on the muscle of his upper left arm, police spokeman Dee Anderson said. The child also had bites on his face, right arm and left foot.

Animal control officers captured and destroyed the white rat, which had apparently escaped from a fish tank, Anderson said.

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