Snake Sex

The male snake has two half-penises or hemipenes at the base of his tail, shown above. The sex organs make the tails of male snakes longer and thicker compared to those of females of the same size. It is believed that male and female snakes identify each other through scents produced by their anal glands which open into the cloaca (the end of the intestinal/genital tract).

Snakes appear to be most sexually active during periods of falling air pressure and changing temperatures. In some species, males will engage in combat, but the exact reasons for this are yet unknown.

The male attempts to mount the female without prior courtship. He will align his body with hers, trying to cover as much of female snake's body as possible while stroking her with his head, "chin," and tail. He then places his tail underneath the females' body in an attempt to bring their anal regions in alignment. If he can't make vent to vent contact, he will move around until successful. Sometimes a male will mount a female at the wrong end and has to remount.

Once aroused, the male everts one of his hemipenises and inserts it into the vent of the female. The hemipenis then swells, becoming very large. He cannot remove it while it is swollen, so a female who wants to end copulation ends up dragging along the still-attached male.

While mating, the male attempts to maintain his body aligned with the female's. His arousal is displayed by way of twitching his body, mostly his neck and tail. The twitching becomes apparently uncontrollable during climax. Male snakes can climax multiple times. Copulation times range from a few seconds to several days. It is assumed that mating ould last more than 60 seconds for successful sperm transfer.

Snake hemipenes

Ass Full of Cum

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