The Environmental Sausage

All this talk about shitty food (ha!) made me resurrect this likley little story that originally appeared in the first issue of La Vie En Rose #1. It's from "News of the Weird" and I actually cut it out way back in 1993 to use in another zine I did back then. Enjoy!

The Environmental Assessment Center in Okayama, Japan, announced in October that it had manufactured an experimental sausage [called "environmental sausage"] out of recycled Tokyo sewage by adding soybean protein and steak flavoring to "sewage solids." A company spokesman said, "Sewage isn't realy such a dangerous and dirty thing." However, he did not forsee commercially marketing the sausage: "Sewage does have a slight image problem. I don't think people will be content eating something they know has been excreted by humans."